The Importance of Metallothionein

"Copper and zinc levels are regulated by metallothionein, a short linear protein composed of 61 amino acid units. When this protein fails to perform its necessary functions, abnormal levels of nutrient metals (such as copper, zinc, and manganese) and toxic metals (such as cadmium, mercury, and lead) can result." [1]

"Primary Functions of Metallothionein:
-Development of brain neurons
-Cell transciption
-Homeostatic control of Zn and Cu
-Detoxification of heavy metals
-Maturation of the GI tract
-Powerful antioxidant
-Immune Function
-Delivery of Zn to cells
Notes: When mercury binds to MT it leaves the body easily. It is a marvelous antioxidant in the body – when MT is down, the radicals are loose. " [2]

"MTs (metallothioneins) increase the resistance of cells to exposure to high Cu (copper) levels." [3]

"Metallothionein functions include neuronal development, detoxification of heavy metals, and immune response." [4]
>Children with autism have delayed neuronal development, high levels of heavy metals, and weaker immune systems.


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